The Stories I've told

As you'll see, my foundation of writing skill is wide and highly adaptable because in the creative business, it needs to be. That being said, if there is something you're looking for that I haven't done yet, I eagerly await that challenge and opportunity to learn.

Below you'll find some of my work and a summary of its context and content. Each preview contains a link that will take you to the full document if you're feeling intrigued.

Have a look and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Full Proposal Decks

Jay Tol Art X NYCA.pdf

New York School of Aikido X Jay Tol Art

Harmony in Practice

In order to elevate the brand of a Jay Tol Art, a custom streetwear brand, I proposed a high concept exhibition and partnership with the New York School of Aikido Martial Arts. In my successful pitch, I drew similarities between the philosophy of Aikido and its origin in ancient samauri warriors to the brand values and artistic process of Jay Tol Art.


Chris Carrino Foundation Charity Gala

Chris Carrino is a prolific NBA announcer who hosts an annual fundraising gala for FSHD, a type of Muscular Dystrophy. In 2019, I took over as the Creative Director of the event and provided a through-line for our deliverables. This deck presents our theme, activations, social media plan and the overall look for the event.

INVNT_INTOUCH_Episode 17_Submission Pitch_v1.pdf

INTOUCH Story and Design Pitch Deck

Each year, INVNT films INTOUCH, a video that focuses a storyline on a member of their team, recaps INVNT's latest business endeavors and boosts morale. In 2020 I was the co-creator of the INTOUCH pitch. This deck delivers our three storylines.


HOHA Concept Presentation

HOHA was created as a sponsor driven venture to produce an interactive exhibit centered on the cultural impact of cannabis. This deck delivers the trends, design and ROI of the HOHA's endeavor. It is intended to accompany a live pitch but can be understood without a speaker.

Blog Posts

Is Unconditional Love Innate or Earned?

The journey to my perspective on the spiritual posture of Unconditional Love.

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This Bike is a Running River, Filled With Dangerous Beauty.

What I learned on my cross country trip after less than a month with a motorcycle license.

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The Ungrateful Uncertian Moth

Dedicated to the strong friends we never checked on.

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Who's Worse, the Zombie or the Survivor?

SPOILER: They're the same and they're just like you.

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Coronavirus is Our Blinding Radioactive Waste

The brightside to COVID-19 darkness.

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Rell Shmula Music Website

Rell Shmula is a musician based out of Greensboro, NC who needed a hub for his fans. He wanted to update them on new music and share his background. I was able to redesign his website and simplify the look while wordsmithing his content to be more reader friendly. Rell was extremely satisfied witht the turnaround time and the look and feel.


Route 2 Clout Website

Route 2 Clout brings industry leaders and artists together to perform, engage and network. I created a website and wrote the copy that continues to assert the mission, house the media from each show and serve as a home base for all participants and partners.


Scripts/Video Treatments

SCJ PSD 2019_ Opening Video_Water_11.5.19_MW.pdf

SC Johnson Opening Video Write Ups

SC Johnson hosts an annual profit sharing day. Each event begins with a short video that shows the Johnson Family, recaps SCJ's green initiatives and ends with a fantastic entrance to the stage by CEO Fisk Johnson. I was asked to write up 3 premises for these videos that involved Aquaman, Genies and Game of Thrones.

COE Appreciation Video Treatment MW.pdf

Circle of Excellence Video Treatment

Circle of Excellence is a top tier, vacation award that goes to the sales person of the year. This client asked for an opening video that unified its sales force, congratulated other award winners and set the stage for the next Circle of Excellence location to be revealed. This video treatment delivers on each.

SHRM 2019 Annual Conference Opening Video Script v1 .pdf

SHRM 2019 Annual Conference Opening Video Script

SHRM or Society for Human Resources Management hosts an annual conference. In 2019 they asked for an opening video that reminded the audience of what SHRM does and why Human Resources is so important. They provided content and their brand guidlines. I was able to form a narrative and story around the pieces given.

30 Second Smartwatch Commercial.pdf

30 Second Smart Watch Commercial

In a mock brief for a script writing class, I was asked to create a Smart Watch commercial that was both funny and informative. I delivered a comedic and futuristic commercial that did just that.

Be Afraid.pdf

Be Afraid

Be Afraid is a coming of age short film script following a young woman who is haunted by a demon. The dark figure slithers over her shoulder whenever her social anxiety flares.

Case Studies

Case Study New Format.pdf

Case Studies Written for INVNT - New Format

INVNT requested case studies examining the vision, creative perspective and results for three events. I researched the public perception, interviewed the team and wrote brand reinforcing content. I also changed the format. Recognizing casual readers dont stick around for long, I added the three prominent takeaways for each. Once a potential client finds the attributes they are looking for, they can take a deeper dive into the content.

case studies (1).pdf

Case Studies Written for INVNT

INVNT requested case studies examining the vision, creative perspective and results for four of the event we executed. Here, I researched the public perception, interviewed the team and wrote brand reinforcing content.

Marquez Case Study.pdf

Buffalo Niagara Medical Corridor Case Study

The Buffalo Medical Corridor has been both praised and criticized for its placement on the Buffalonian community. Here, I took a look at the socioeconomic impact caused by the BMC.

Press Releases

WASH Peoples Day Press Release.pdf

People's Day Press Release

People's Day is an exhibition curated by myself and a small team. It required a press release that informed the the media and surrounding community about the vision and goal of the event.


Samsung 1H 2020 RFP_Art gallery Research v3.pdf

Client RFP Innovative Displays for Product Experience

In an effort to revitalize their brand, this client asked for some ways to transform their product launch's scenic design. They wanted to involve technological advances in art, innovative gallery displays and a setting in which their device could be prove its ability to help to create art. I delivered each in this presentation.

Tunnel Idea - Laser Frame.pdf

Twitter's Laser Frame Tunnel

Twitter requested ways to make Terminal 5 feel high-energy and on brand for their New Front event. I took a classic visual element of a concert and applied it to the entrance tunnel to the iconic venue.

Partnership Deal Activations.pdf

Twitter Partnership Deal Activations

Twitter requested activations that leveraged their many partnerships in order to sell their platform to adbuyers. I created experiential environments for two of their most prolific partnerships, Wallstreet Journal and Live Nation. Each emphasized the two company's best qualities and integrated Twitter's offerings.

Unveil Ideation v2.pdf

Opening/Unveil Ideation

This client planned to produce a video that set the stage for their device reveal. They wanted to tie in the enourmous, audience encompassing screens, their new iridescent color scheme and the different lifestyles of their audience. Here, I delivered storyboards for two videos that checked each box.

Acxiom Awardshow Enhancements v2.pdf

Award Show and Scenic Enhancements

This client requested presentation enhancements for their award show as well as embellishments for their overall scenic environment. They wanted to energize the guests and make them feel important. Here, I compliled a few ideas for each deliverable.

Public Relations Campaigns

Unyts Public Relations Campaign.pdf

UNYTS Public Relations Campaign

UNYTS is a non-profit organization focused on organ donorship. They requested a PR campaign to grow their audience and ultimately drive organ donor registration up. Here, a small team and I put together a plan to promote UNYTS' cause and increase awareness.


Experiential Marketing is the key to influencing the internet generations.pdf

Experiential Marketing is the Key to Influencing the Internet Generations

Customer experience as an offering has become the cornerstone of many prolific brands. For my final undergrad collegiate paper I examined marketing trends and the experience economy.