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  • Marquez Woods

Who’s Worse, the Zombie or the Survivor?

Marquez T Woods July 11th, 2021

SPOILER: They’re the same, and they’re just like you

Zombies are mindless flesh-eating monstrosities. Duh.

We know they are prepared to trample anything in their path for their next meal.

We know they are completely uninterested in their fellow zombie. Not only do they not care if other zombies eat, they are so oblivious they never even thought of eating each other.

It would be so much easier. Maybe zombie meat isn’t organic.

But why are we so obsessed with zombies? How many thousands of tv shows, movies, video games and subcultures are based around them?

Humans are, by nature, narcissistic. We personify everything. Dogs. Trees. God.

Zombies are no different. We like them or hate them because they remind us of ourselves.

They represent our lowest form, void of all compassion and empathy. Zombies are just honest capitalists, competing to fill their bellies with satisfaction. Just like you.

There’s something that makes every one of us dead-eyed, hungry and selfish. That promotion. The next gig. Black Friday. We’re conditioned to fight for our bite of the sweet life.

But in all of these post-apocalyptic zombie world representations, the real danger was never really the zombies, it was the survivors. They’d raid camps, stockpile goods and build walls to protect their ill-gotten resources.

Sound familiar?

I can hear the “build that wall” chants from here. America loves to protect what’s “rightfully ours.” We also love to raid countries for resources and slap a good ol’ freedom campaign on it.

You might be saying, “Oh, yeah, but that’s politics. Real people aren’t like that.”

Well, just a few weeks ago people were ripping toilet paper from old ladies’ hands because of COVID-19.

There goes that dead eye again.

Both the zombie and the survivor are shitty. Maybe we should stop fantasizing about survival so much. Maybe we should take a lesson from people with emptier bellies. Share. Open your doors. Be compassionate.

The world isn’t post-apocalyptic.



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